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Passport Destilados is a project to connect micro-batch distillers that carry forward traditions around agave and agave culture that have roots as deep as the ancient peoples, we who draw our ancestry de nuestra madretierra.  


Agave spirits, like tequila and mezcal, are a $19B dollar global industry and now represent 1/8th of the total US spirits market. Regulations and costs in the USA make it virtually impossible for micro producers to find their footing in the market. And we all pay the price as commercial production prioritizes quantity over quality. 


Maestros mezcaleros create micro-batch spirits from naturally derived agave and have a generational connection with the land. Through tacit knowledge, Maestros are keenly attuned to the climactic changes they face as artisans of natural products. Their essence is part of every batch because Maestros don't manufacture, they craft.  But, growing demand for agave distillates in this highly regulated space makes it nearly impossible for the master craftspeople to keep up while still preserving their traditional techniques and communal culture. 


Passport Destilados is building an online sales platform piece-by-piece to be a gateway for maestros mezcaleros who specialize in micro-batch spirits so they can bring their unblemished, pure agave distillates for your enjoyment.  Join us in our mission by becoming a member and supporting our producers. 


Our Destilados portfolio comes from the hands of artisans who carry forward generational knowledge of the uses and distillation of plants like agave, riablo, maiz. In our line up: micro-batch mezcal from palenques in Oaxaca & Puebla; tequila from the highland deserts of Jalisco; sotol from the arid deserts of Chihuahua; as well as varietals from indigenous maestros from all around Mexico.


“Distillations are woven into the fabric of the culture throughout Mexico, be it with parties, after work relaxation techniques, preparation of the body for the morning as well as many other homeopathic uses.” - Jimmie Munoz, founder & manager


We are committed to socially and environmentally responsible operations and keep this commitment at top of mind in every decision we make.

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