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Welcome to Passport Destilados, where we are passionate about sharing the rich cultural heritage and exquisite flavors of Mexican distilled spirits with the world. Our carefully crafted artisanal small-batch collection includes mezcal from Oaxaca, tequila from Jalisco, sotol from Chihuahua, and micro-batches from indigenous maestros across Mexico.


By working closely with the regions and small-scale producers, we proudly showcase their dedication to preserving traditional techniques, ensuring that each bottle tells a captivating story and offers a truly unique experience. But we are more than just purveyors of exceptional spirits. Passport Destilados also presents an exciting investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the growing demand for premium and super-premium spirits. As consumer spending power continues to rise, the timing couldn't be better to join us on this journey.

Our comprehensive to-market strategy includes obtaining import and wholesaling licenses,

curating engaging tastings and events in collaboration with our retail partners, and leveraging community engagement and direct-to-consumer sales channels. By focusing on the thriving

HoReCa (Hotel, Retail, Catering) market, we aim to introduce these exquisite distillations

to new customers and share the best of Mexican culture with the world.


Investing in Passport Destilados means being part of a company dedicated to preserving cultural heritage

and amplifying the unique flavors of artisanal distillations for all to enjoy. Join us on this exciting venture, where we celebrate the individuality of each brand and proudly showcase the beauty of Mexican distillations.


Discover the perfect blend of heritage, flavor, and investment potential with Passport Destilados.

Cheers to a remarkable journey together!




vision statement




History / MilestoneS

Our company has reached significant milestones on our journey to bring artisanal and small-batch distilled spirits from Mexico to the United States and beyond. We have made remarkable progress in recent months and are excited to share our achievements with you.


Early on, we conducted market research through private tastings in Phoenix, as well as in various locations across the United States, including Philadelphia, New York, Virginia, Louisiana, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Texas. Additionally, we had the pleasure of sampling our spirits to travelers from around the world in popular Mexican destinations such as Mexico City, Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Los Cabos. These tastings provided valuable insights into consumer preferences and helped shape our product selection.


We are delighted to announce that we have successfully obtained our wholesaler license from the Arizona Department of Liquor, along with our federal import permit. These important licenses, combined with our full bonding and insurance, signify our readiness to conduct business and serve our customers with the highest standards of professionalism and compliance.


Our vision to bring the rich cultural heritage and exquisite flavors of Mexican distilled spirits to the world is now becoming a reality. With our extensive network of small-scale producers and a diverse portfolio featuring mezcal from Oaxaca, tequila from Jalisco, sotol from Chihuahua, and micro-batches from indigenous maestros across Mexico, we are poised to deliver an unparalleled experience to spirits enthusiasts.


We have also launched our websites in both Mexico and the United States. The Mexican website serves as a platform for retail and wholesale sales, while the US website helps raise awareness of our brand and products. These online platforms will further our reach and enable us to connect with customers on a broader scale.


We are truly excited about the future and invite you to join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we can celebrate the cultural richness of Mexico and enjoy the finest artisanal spirits. Stay tuned for updates, special offers, and a world of flavors coming your way. Cheers to great business and unforgettable spirits!






Join us on our journey to bring the finest artisanal and small-batch distilled spirits from Mexico to the United States and beyond. As a Class B non-voting unit holder in PassportMX, you'll be at the forefront of an exciting new chapter in the world of alcoholic beverages.


Based in Phoenix, AZ, PassportMX is dedicated to ethical and profitable spirits, wines, beers, malts, and more within the United States. Our vision is supported by the establishment of two independent subsidiaries in the future.


The first subsidiary, Passport Destilados, will be a C-Corp holding all necessary rights, permits, and licenses to operate within the United States. This includes federal, state, county, and city permits required for engaging in the wholesale distribution of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, Passport Destilados will hold the intellectual property needed to operate in the United States.


The second subsidiary, based in Mexico, will acquire the essential certifications for exporting Mexican distilled spirits and other alcoholic beverages. It will forge contractual agreements with producers, trademark brands when necessary, and export our portfolio to international markets. The subsidiary will also have the capability to conduct retail sales in Mexico.


Investing in PassportMX, LLC offers you an incredible opportunity to witness the growth and expansion of both subsidiaries. You'll be part of sharing the love and passion for artisanal and small-batch distilled spirits with markets worldwide. Don't miss your chance to join this exciting journey and invest in Passport Destilados today!


We are seeking $100,000 in funding to develop these two subsidiaries, which will hold import and export licenses for alcoholic beverages. Our aim is to expand our reach in the global market for artisanal distilled spirits.


This funding round of $100,000 is expected to be the only round we seek for the foreseeable future. We aim to keep the company lean and offer holdings exclusively to a select group of passionate investors who share our vision. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to join us on this remarkable venture!


The Market


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