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Introducing Passport Destilados, a company on a mission to bring the rich cultural heritage and exquisite flavors of Mexican distilled spirits to the world. Our artisanal small-batch collection features mezcal from Oaxaca, tequila from Jalisco, sotol from Chihuahua, and micro-batches from indigenous maestros across Mexico. We take pride in showcasing the regions and small-scale producers who bring these unique distillates to life, telling the story of the land and preserving the traditional techniques that make each bottle a one-of-a-kind experience.


Passport Destilados presents a prime investment opportunity, as demand for premium and super-premium spirits continues to rise, and consumer spending power increases. Our to-market strategy includes gaining import and wholesaling licenses, organizing tastings and events with our retail partners, and reaching our target audience through community engagement and direct to consumer sales. With a focus on the HoReCa (Hotel, Retail, Catering) market, we aim to introduce these exquisite distillations to new customers and bring the best of Mexican culture to the world.


Join us on our journey to preserve cultural heritage and bring the unique flavors of artisanal distillations to the masses. Invest in Passport Destilados and become a part of a company that is dedicated to telling the story of each brand and showcasing the beauty of Mexican distillations.




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vision statement




History / MilestoneS

Our company has made significant strides in recent months, achieving several key milestones in our mission to bring artisanal and small-batch distilled spirits from Mexico to the United States and beyond.


One of our earliest and most important initiatives was conducting market research through private tastings with potential customers in the Phoenix area. This was a critical step in gaining a better understanding of the local market and determining what types of spirits and beverages would be of most interest to consumers.


Building on the insights we gained from our market research, we then held our first large-scale tasting event in November. The event was a huge success, with 50 participants in attendance and a lively, enthusiastic atmosphere.


In addition to our tastings, we have been working hard to secure the necessary permits and licenses to operate as a wholesaler in Arizona. We recently submitted our application and are now in the approval process, with completion expected in late March or early April.


To further build brand recognition and reach new customers, we have also launched websites in both Mexico and the United States. The Mexican website will serve as a platform for retail and wholesale sales, while the US website will help to increase awareness of our company and products.


With these milestones achieved, we are well on our way to becoming a leading provider of high-quality artisanal and small-batch distilled spirits. We look forward to continuing to grow and expand our business and bringing the finest spirits from Mexico to customers around the world.


Traction Data


Digital communications technology allows for instantaneous sharing of data that is useful for producers to know how the market is responding to their products in real time. They'll get to set the price and we’ll connect the deal. 


Consumer interface: personal collection, sharing experiences and videos. Sections could include: news, events calendar, rewards, alerts, shop and dashboard. 


Calendar: upcoming events hosted by our partner restaurant & hotel retailers

Rewards: Terracoin, Plebcoin and Fincoin prototype

Lounge: personal bars are kept and shared, commentary is shared, socializing

Dashboard: number of shares, valuation, change over time, valuation of coins, message center, barrels purchased & value, 

  • Content moderation performed by digital media team

  • IT develops platform to host it


Data generation will help producers know what products are selling and how quickly and where. 

Opportunity Awaits with Passport Destilados!


Join us in our mission to bring the finest artisanal and small-batch distilled spirits from Mexico to the United States and beyond. As a Class B non-voting unit holder in PassportMX, LLC, you will be at the forefront of a new and exciting chapter in the world of alcoholic beverages.


Our company, PassportMX, LLC, is based in Phoenix, AZ and is dedicated to obtaining the necessary permissions to legally import, warehouse, and wholesale distilled spirits, wines, beers, malts, and other beverages in the United States. To achieve this goal, we will establish two subsidiaries that will operate independently at an undefined future date.


The first subsidiary, Passport Destilados, will be formed as a C-Corp and will hold all the rights, permits, and licenses to operate in the United States, including any federal, state, county, and city permits needed to engage in wholesale of alcoholic beverages. This subsidiary will also hold the intellectual property to operate in the United States.


The second subsidiary, based in Mexico, will hold the certifications required to export Mexican distilled spirits and other alcoholic beverages, engage in contractual agreements with producers, trademark brands as needed, and export portfolio brands to customers in other international markets. It will also have the ability to conduct retail sales in Mexico.


By investing in PassportMX, LLC, you will have a front-row seat to watch both subsidiaries grow and expand, sharing their love of artisanal and small-batch distilled spirits with markets around the world. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to be a part of a growing industry and invest in Passport Destilados today!


Seeking $1 million in funding to develop two subsidiaries to hold import and export licenses for alcoholic beverages. Subsidiaries aim to expand artisanal distilled spirits business globally.


The Market


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