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Every week a new peak! 🌵🍸

I trust this update greets you amidst good vibes and high spirits. It's with electric excitement and bubbling enthusiasm that we roll out the first of our weekly digests for our outstanding PassportMX family. Your trust and faith in our venture aren't just cornerstones; they're the very bedrock of our aspirations. So, saddle up for this exhilarating journey we're embarking on together!

🌵 Every Week, A New Peak! 🌵

The past week has been nothing short of eventful. Here's a quick rewind:

🌊 Oct 16: The Oaxacan coast isn't just about its pristine beauty anymore. With our new partnership with Daniel Monroy, it’s now also a hub for PassportMX magic! Whether it's coastal stores or online shoppers, we're reaching out everywhere.

🥳 Oct 17: Get ready to raise a toast with Riablo at the Spirits of Mexico Festival, Phoenix, AZ. Not just a booth, but a massive presence and an exclusive counter for Riablo cocktails. Cheers to spreading our zest (and the best) to the 4k-6k attendees!

🍸 Oct 20: The air was charged with anticipation and aromas at Barcoa. From sotol samples to possible event tie-ups, our relationship with this retailer is just starting to brew!

🍴 Oct 20: If sotol was a song, Asi es la Vida's patrons sure loved its tune. The response was so fabulous; they might soon add our tequila to their melody!

🎃 Oct 21: Halloween Havoc was a treat, with treats of its own. Though we wished for more masquerade masks, the successes – especially a spruced up email list and social media stats – made it a memorable night!

🏨 Oct 22: Cheers to our newest partners in Mexico: Grupo Hoteleros de la Costa Zicatela and Hotel Neptuno! Here's to making guests' stays a little more spirited with our best pours!

Heartfelt thanks might sound cliché, but know that every letter of that sentiment springs from deep within our hearts. We're crafting a legacy, drop by exquisite drop, and you're right there with us at every distillation and pour.

To dreams, drams, and all things delightful! 🥂

Warmly, Jimmie Munoz, Jr. Steward of Spirits & Stories PassportMX & Passport Destilados

🌟 P.S. Each week promises a new story, a new success. Stay with us for more intoxicating tales and updates! 🌟

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