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Passport Destilados' Exciting Week

This week, Passport Destilados entered an exciting phase, beginning partnerships with two major liquor stores and hosting a private tasting at a British International Office employee's residence in Mexico City, broadening our international reach. Our participation in the International Women's Club holiday party further enhanced our brand presence and supported their young girls' charity, illustrating our commitment to community involvement.

Looking ahead, we're focused on meetings with liquor stores and restocking efforts with various restaurants to ensure our spirits' continued presence. Additionally, we're hosting an exclusive event at Fumar Cigars, inviting members to enjoy our finest offerings. Our first annual holiday party at Barcoa Agaveria promises to showcase our successful year with our popular Riablo Blanco and Riablo Spiced Pineapple cocktails.

Moreover, we're organizing a corporate networking event in Phoenix with a local developer, aiming to expand our industry connections. These initiatives represent our dedication to not just growing our brand but also weaving it into the fabric of diverse communities, aligning with our vision of being a globally recognized and community-focused brand.

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