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News: Passport Destilados Receives Wholesaler License from Arizona Liquor Control

April 5, 2023 


Passport Destilados Receives Wholesaler License from Arizona Liquor Control 

Phoenix, AZ - Passport Destilados, an international business company dedicated to importing and wholesaling artisanal spirits from Mexico to the United States, is proud to announce that it has received its wholesaler license from the Arizona Liquor Control Department. This license will allow Passport Destilados to legally operate in Arizona and fulfill its mission of bringing the finest small-batch distilled spirits to the state and beyond.

"We're thrilled to be joining the beverage industry at such an exciting time for our customers and for our small-batch maestros," said the company’s founder and CEO, Jimmie Muñoz, Jr. "We're so happy to have achieved this milestone and to be working toward a better world one sip at a time."

Passport Destilados plans to use its wholesaler license to expand its reach throughout Arizona and beyond, bringing its portfolio of artisanal spirits to a wider audience. The company is also working on other exciting announcements that will be revealed in the near future.

Investors and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to stay tuned for more information about Passport Destilados and its mission to bring the best of Mexican spirits to the United States.

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